Breast Cancer

Most women fail to recognise signs of breast cancer, a third are confused by screening guidelines

A new survey reveals less than half of adults recognise common breast cancer symptoms. Further, most women don’t fear getting the disease.

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Scientists develop MRI-guided ultrasound for burning breast cancer tumours

Scientists from the Huntsman Cancer Institute have developed an ultrasound system that can be used to burn away breast cancer tumours.

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PET-CT Superior to Conventional Scans for Spotting Distant Breast Cancer Mets

Staging locally advanced breast cancer patients with 18F-labeled fluorodeoxyglucose (FDG) PET-CT detected more distant metastases, and thus reduced the number of patients who received combined modality therapy, compared with conventional staging, a randomised trial showed.

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Considerations for supplemental imaging should extend beyond breast density, analysis suggests

Although the need for supplemental imaging in women with dense breasts has been a hot topic among the imaging community recently, new data suggest that considerations for supplemental exams should extend well beyond breast density.

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Chemo-Free Approach Works in Subset of Patients With HER2+ Early Breast Cancer

An “adaptive response” treatment strategy identified a subset of patients with HER2-positive early breast cancer who benefited from a chemotherapy-free treatment plan, according to new findings from the phase II PHERGain Trial.

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Experts cite ‘urgent need’ for changes to USPSTF breast cancer screening recommendations

Additional organisations in the women’s health space are joining others to voice their disappointment with the United States Preventive Services Task Force’s (USPSTF) draft recommendations pertaining to changes in breast cancer screening.

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Breast cancer risk assessments should account for longitudinal changes in breast density, new data suggest

Breast density is known to drop over time, but new data suggest that the rate at which density decreases merits special attention, as it could be associated with a woman’s chance of later developing breast cancer. Of the nearly 1,000 subjects included in the analysis, women whose density decreased more slowly were found to be...

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Blood, Breast Cancer Survivors Stand Out for Heart Risks Over a Decade Later

Certain cancers remained associated with a wide range of incident cardiovascular disease (CVD) more than a decade down the road, according to a study of U.K. Biobank participants.

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‘Our Goal Is Not to Omit Radiation Therapy’ in Breast Cancer

Advances in breast cancer management have created opportunities to omit radiotherapy (RT) in selected situations, but women who choose RT should not be considered unreasonable, a radiation oncologist said here.

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Contrast-enhanced mammography for breast cancer staging offers significant cost savings

Contrast-enhanced spectral mammography (CESM) is a cost-effective alternative to MRI for patients with breast cancer and could save facilities potentially tens of thousands of dollars every year.

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