Breast Cancer

Mepitel Film Beats Standard for Stopping Radiation Dermatitis in Breast Cancer

Mepitel film, a transparent, breathable, adhesive soft silicone film dressing, is more effective than standard of care in preventing acute radiation dermatitis in at-risk breast cancer patients, a phase III randomised trial showed.

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iSono Health receives US FDA approval for breast imaging ultrasound system

Source: Breast cancer is the leading cause of cancer death among women worldwide, one in eight women will be diagnosed with breast cancer in their lifetime. iSono Health has received approval from the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for its ultrasound wearable system, which has been designed for personalised breast imaging.

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CAD tool detects microcalcification clusters in mammograms

A fully automated algorithm can accurately detect microcalcification clusters in mammogram scans and may help reduce radiology workloads. Matt O'Connor | Imaging Informatics | Health Imaging

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Preop breast MRI improves DCIS surgical planning

Preoperative breast MRI improves the surgical planning and outcomes of ductal carcinoma in situ (DCIS), according to a new study published online July 5 in Academic Radiology. By Kate Madden Yee, AuntMinnie.com staff writer

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Study validates digital measurements of breast density

Research using analog mammography has shown that a woman's breast tissue density can be affected by reproductive factors such as when she first had children or when she began menstruation. By Kate Madden Yee, AuntMinnie.com staff writer

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DBT detects smaller cancers with better long-term prognoses

DBT also identified more cancers and lowered recall rates in patients of all ages and breast density types. Matt O'Connor | Oncology Imaging | Health Imaging

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MRI finds breast cancer early in women with family history

MRI finds breast cancer earlier than digital mammography in women with a family history of the disease but without known genetic mutations, according to research published online June 17 in Lancet Oncology. But the improved detection comes at a risk of more false positives. By Kate Madden Yee, AuntMinnie.com

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FDA issues stern thermography warning

Thermography should not be used as a standalone method for detecting, diagnosing, or screening for breast cancer, according to a warning issued by FDA. By Kate Madden Yee, AuntMinnie.com staff writer

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TAILORx: Many Women with Early-Stage Breast Cancer Can Avoid Chemotherapy

Endocrine therapy (ET) alone was noninferior to ET plus chemotherapy for women with estrogen receptor (ER)−positive, HER2-negative, axillary node−negative, early-stage breast cancer (BC). ASCO Annual Meeting – Tim Donald, ELS

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