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GCG Global Healthcare put you on the pathway to clinical optimisation. We connect resources through our recruitment network of world-class doctors, specialists and clinicians. All our practitioners are vetted, highly-skilled, in-field experts at the forefront of their disciplines.


GCG Global Healthcare carefully guides you in delivering better healthcare. We optimise your practice by harnessing our in-depth knowledge of best-practice healthcare, the latest medical techniques, leading-edge clinical technologies and qualified doctors.


GCG Global Healthcare doesn’t simply start you on your pathway to optimisation, we see you through to operational excellence. We ensure you access only state-of-the-art health advisors, premier research, and six-star education, at every step, to get you to the place you want.

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What we do

GCG Global Healthcare

GCG Global Healthcare is driven to improve healthcare and clinical solutions for everyone – patients, medical professionals, and facilities. We aim to foster a culture of excellence through collaboration and connecting qualified doctors with the best practices.

GCG address the unique needs of individuals and organisations by building relationships between leading in-field experts and healthcare services. We assist physicians, administrators and clinical staff to reinvigorate and reimagine approaches to clinical practice, leadership and education through connecting networks and meticulous resourcing.

We tap into resources and knowledge to provide advice that is outside the regular scope, usually inaccessible to current practice. GCG Global Healthcare is well-versed in bringing together specialists and independent consultants who provide world-class services to both individual clients and organisations while remaining agnostic to excellent healthcare experiences.

GCG Global Healthcare also offers guidance and process improvement for healthcare facilities, hospitals and health systems through design and management of effective communication. Especially among healthcare providers and staff to return positive outcomes. Enhancing practice positioning and embedding a reputation for excellence. Development of physician and client alignment and engagement for the betterment of patients, families and caregivers.

GCG Global Healthcare navigates clinical pathways that transform insight into strategy, strategy into action and action into performance. We want to raise the quality of care for our clients, partners and patients by instilling healthcare excellence.

360° Healthcare Solutions

Access leading consultants and specialists through our expert placements and a quality engagement and recruitment program.

Networking Opportunities

Corporate partnerships. Thought leadership, appearances, events and hosting. Business alignment and connections.

Business Intelligence

Business development, growth and empowerment. Data science, analytics, SWOT and reporting.

Education Leadership

Education courses and design. Sales optimisation. Leadership training and team building. Mentoring and advice.

Project Management

Identifying and implementing operational excellence and clinical pathways in hospital design and tailored end-to-end solutions.

Consulting Services

Marketing, branding, and PR. New technology and IT solutions. Product launches and business guidance.


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Customer relationships are as important as family relationships; state-of-the-art care for both patients and clinicians is paramount.

Gloreen Goldin, Founder - GCG Global Healthcare

Gloreen Goldin


Founder of GCG Global Healthcare, Gloreen Goldin comes from a healthcare background and has always striven to achieve excellence in her field. Originally trained as registered nurse, Gloreen has emerged, bolstered by experience in a variety roles to become a customer-focused clinical expert and healthcare leader with 20+ years’ accomplishment stewarding clients and patients alike to ensure satisfaction, engagement and positive clinical outcomes. Underscored by Gloreen’s signature support and unique insights.

Miriam Alexander

Communications Advisor
Joanna Yang

Joanna Yang

Global Travel Specialist
Gloreen Goldin, Founder - GCG Global Healthcare

Gloreen Goldin



Meet the GCG Global Healthcare team providing valuable support and advice in the pursuit of healthcare excellence.


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GCG Global Healthcare can project manage cutting-edge clinical solutions, and help deliver operational excellence and optimised workflow to any practice, anywhere.