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International Medical Graduates (IMGS)

The Specialist pathway – specialist recognition is for IMGs who are overseas-trained specialists applying for assessment of comparability to the standard of a specialist trained in that specialty in Australia. IMGs must apply to the Australian Medical Council (AMC) for primary source verification of their medical qualifications.


Australian Radiologist & Radiation Oncologists

Specialist registration is available to medical practitioners who have been assessed by an AMC accredited specialist college as being eligible for a fellowship. A Fellowship is not a prerequisite for specialist registration. The Ministerial Council has approved a list of specialties, fields of specialty practice and specialist titles.

The Australian Medical Council (AMC) has assessed and accredited specialist medical education and training and professional development programs since 2002. From 2002 to July 2010, the AMC process for accreditation of specialist education and training programs was a voluntary quality improvement process in which all specialist colleges had agreed to participate. From 1 July 2010, the process is mandatory. The Health Practitioner Regulation National Law Act 2009 makes the accreditation of specialist training programs an element of the process for approval of programs for the purposes of specialist registration. Similarly, the Medical Board of Australia’s registration standards indicates that continuing professional development programs that meet AMC accreditation requirements also meet the Board’s continuing professional development requirements. While this is an Australian process, the Medical Council of New Zealand uses AMC accreditation reports to assist it to make decisions about recognising medical training programs in New Zealand. The AMC works with the Medical Council of New Zealand in reviewing bi-national training programs. Revised Medical Council of New Zealand criteria is available here.

Registration standards which are:

Specialists Pathway
General Assessment Criteria

English Language

If you are applying for initial registration you must demonstrate your English language competency in one of the following ways:
  1. Combined secondary and tertiary education pathway, and tertiary qualifications;
  2. Extended education pathway
  3. Primary language pathway, and tertiary qualifications;
  4. English language test pathway.

Registration Standard English Language Skills

International English Language Testing System (IELTS)

You must demonstrate to the Boards that your competency in speaking and communicating in English is sufficient to practise. International English Language Testing System or IELTS, is an international standardised test of English language proficiency for non-native English language speakers.

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Criminal History

Applicants and registered health practitioners must declare their entire criminal history, from Australia and any other country, including any spent convictions. You will be required to apply for an International Criminal History Checks (ICHC) if you:
  • declare a criminal history outside Australia, and/or
  • have lived, or been primarily-based, in one or more countries other than Australia for six consecutive months or longer, as an adult.

International Criminal History Checks (ICHC)

You will be required to apply for an ICHC if you:

If you declared you have criminal history in an overseas country or have lived overseas for a period of six consecutive months or more as an adult, you will also need to complete an international criminal history check (ICHC). You cannot register you until we have received and considered the results of your ICHC.

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Documents Checklist

DO NOT send original documents unless specified. Copies must be certified as true copies of the original. Each and every certified document must:
  • be in English. If not, provide a certified copy and translation as per AHPRA Guidelines
  • be initialled on every page and annotated on the last page as appropriate and signed by the Authorised Officer(AO)
  • list the full details of certification and the AO (with their stamp or seal)

Limited Registration Application (ALPS-30)

ALPS-30 SECTION S: Checklist - Additional Documents

The limited registration postgraduate training or supervised practice as a medical practitioner application is to be used by international medical graduates who do not qualify for general or specialist registration and who wish to apply for limited registration to undertake supervised practice.

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Recency of Practice

Medical radiation practitioners undertaking practice must have completed a minimum of 450 hours of practice in the past three (3) years, and:
  • If you are registered in more than one division of registration you are required to complete a minimum of 450 hours of practice for each division.
  • If you are returning to practice after an absence of more than three years you will be subject to different requirements.

Registration Standard Recency of Practice

Registered medical radiation practitioners except students, or those with non-practising registration.

Minimum requirements for competently and safely providing services to the public. Meeting the requirements does not automatically satisfy your professional and ethical responsibilities for a particular scope of practice. You must ensure that you have the knowledge and skills necessary to provide safe and effective care.

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Initial registration and annual renewal requires a declaration that you will be covered for all aspects of practice for the whole period of the registration.
  • Remember, practising means using your skills and knowledge as a health practitioner in any paid or unpaid role in your profession.
  • You may be covered by your Australian employer’s insurances – you will need to confirm this with your employer.

Professional Indemnity Insurance (PII)

Personal or Third Party

You cannot practise in Australia unless you are covered by your own, or third-party professional indemnity insurance (PII) arrangements that meet the requirements of the registration standard.

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Proof of Identity

Applicants must provide sufficient evidence of their identity when applying for registration being:
  • One document from each category A, B and C;
  • One document from Category D if the document for category B or C does not contain evidence of a current Australian residential address.
  • The name displayed on the Category A document will be the name used for registration and will be published on the Register of practitioners.

Information guide: Proof of Identity Requirements

Proof of identity evidence

Copies of documents provided must be certified as true copies of original documents by authorised persons. All non-English language documents have to be certified and accompanied by an English translation.

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Lodge and Pay

Certify your documents and do not send original documents unless specified:
  • Use the Checklist to ensure required/applicable items are attached/arranged.
  • Pay any applicable application, assessment and/or registration fees.
  • Lodge your application, and supporting documentation, by post or in person in the state or territory in which you plan to live and work.

Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA)

You contact AHPRA on 1300 419 495 or you can lodge an enquiry at

Most pathways aim to complete the assessment of an application within eight to ten weeks of receipt of all required documents. 

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