A new product from Otolith Labs could help VR users overcome motion sickness via a vibrating prototype device strapped to the user’s head. The bone conduction transducer device fits behind the user’s ear and emits a “consistent series of ‘noninformative stimuli’,” according to VRScout. “The working hypothesis is that [the vibration] causes a chaotic and noninformative stimulus to go to the brain,” Otolith’s CEO said. “Somewhere, probably the cerebellum, there’s a filtering mechanism that filters out noninformative sensed information. It’s the reason you don’t notice the shirt on your back right now.” — VRSCOUT

The United Nations has partnered with Google and Makhulu Media to create a live action 360-degree video series that follows a young women determining her HIV status. According to VRScout, the UN’s “Programme on HIV and AIDS” (UNAIDS) hopes to help “educate young adults on the simple, yet extremely important process of HIV tests.” World AIDS Day takes place on December 1. — VRSCOUT

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