Medical Advancement

New model may inform ‘how aggressively a lung cancer should be treated’

According to Dr. Matthew Schabath, associate member in the Cancer Epidemiology Department at Moffitt Cancer Center and senior and corresponding author of this study, the goal of cancer screening is to detect cancers at earlier stages where treatment with surgery can be curative. However, not all early stages are the same. So, the scientists have developed...

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What does the future hold for AI in healthcare?

Source: University of Helsinki Introducing the ‘motor assessment of infants jumpsuit’ (MAIJU), it looks exactly like typical baby clothing, but there is a crucial difference – it is full of sensors which assess child development. It’s a romper suit being piloted in Helsinki, Copenhagen and Pisa. “MAIJU offers the first of its kind quantitative assessment of...

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No more biopsy? Handheld device could painlessly identify skin cancers

Source: A new device uses millimeter-wave imaging (the same technology used in airport security scanners) to scan a patient’s skin to detect if they have skin cancer. Millimeter-wave rays harmlessly penetrate about 2mm into human skin, so the team’s imaging technology provides a clear 3D map of scanned skin lesions.

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