Scientists develop greener, more efficient method for producing next-generation antibiotics

An international team of researchers has developed a method for altering one class of antibiotics, using microscopic organisms that produce these compounds naturally. The findings, published July 25 in Nature Chemistry, could lead to more efficient production of antibiotics that are effective against drug-resistant bacteria.

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Researchers Use MRI to Show Brain Changes, Differences in Children with ADHD

Multitasking is not just an office skill. It’s key to functioning as a human, and it involves something called cognitive flexibility – the ability to smoothly switch between mental processes. UNC scientists conducted a study to image the neural activity analogues to cognitive flexibility and discover differences in the brain activity of children with ADHD and those without. 

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New AI technology may aid in the discovery of therapeutic agents for neurodegenerative disorders

A research group from Nagoya University in Japan has developed an artificial intelligence for analyzing cell images that uses machine learning to predict the therapeutic effect of drugs. Called in silico FOCUS, this new technology may aid in the discovery of therapeutic agents for neurodegenerative disorders such as Kennedy disease.

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Forego Radiotherapy for Women With Low-Risk Luminal A Breast Cancer?

Source: The guidance from Ki67 proliferation marker screenings, older women with low-risk luminal A breast cancer can safely avoid radiotherapy. Considering more than 300,000 women are diagnosed annually with invasive breast cancer in North America this can be a less invasive way to treat cancer.

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75th World Health Assembly: IAEA Highlights Nuclear Techniques for Health

The IAEA is playing an active role in assisting countries to access the many beneficial applications of nuclear science and technology in key health areas, IAEA Director General Rafael Mariano Grossi said to the 75th World Health Assembly (WHA). Various topics were discussed including, combatting malnutrition, zoonotic diseases and addressing cancer and cardiovascular disease.

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