Building a hospital in 10 days: Footage shows rapid construction of new Wuhan hospital

Building a hospital in 10 days: Footage shows rapid construction of new Wuhan hospital Source: Building a hospital in 10 days: Footage shows rapid construction of new Wuhan hospital

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4 applications of cinematic rendering in maxillofacial CT

Swiss researchers have used cinematic rendering to create photorealistic images of head CT and conebeam CT scans. By Abraham Kim, AuntMinnie.com staff writer

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3T MRI can identify visual sign to distinguish MS

European researchers have identified a visual sign on 3-tesla MR images that effectively diagnoses and distinguishes multiple sclerosis (MS) from other conditions with similar symptoms. By Wayne Forrest, AuntMinnie.com staff writer

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X-ray histotomography offers new insight into diseases

A new three-dimensional (3D) tissue imaging technique can help scientists noninvasively study cells and may lead to improved treatments for a variety of diseases. Matt O'Connor | Advanced Visualization | Health Imaging

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Magnetic metamaterial amplifies MRI for clearer images in less time

Now, engineers at the Boston University Photonics Center have developed a new device, small enough for a patient to wear inside the machine. By Michael Irving, New Atlas

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CAD system improves pulmonary nodule detection on CTs

A newly created three-dimensional (3D) neural network can improve the detection of pulmonary nodules on CT scans, according to a study published July 12 in PLOS ONE. Matt O'Connor | Artificial Intelligence | www.healthimaging.com

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Flexible 3D-printed heart replicates size, texture

Researchers from Australia and China have created a 3D-printed heart that mirrors the size and texture of real cardiac tissue, with potential clinical applications in patient and medical education, communication among clinicians, and presurgical planning, according to a recent study published in PLOS One by Abraham Kim, AuntMinnie.com

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FDA releases guidance on 3D printing of medical products

The guidance details the agency's stance on device design, testing, and quality system requirements. By Abraham Kim from auntminnie.com

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Cinematic rendering 3D reconstruction techniques

Cinematic rendering: pretty pictures or paradigm shift?

RSNA 2017 Video: How will radiologists do their jobs in the future? Addressed by Dr. Elliot Fishman of Johns Hopkins University from www.auntminnie.com

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