Criteria Necessary to Meet This INACSL Debriefing Standard

  1. The debrief is facilitated by a person(s) competent in the process of debriefing.
  2. The debrief is conducted in an environment that is conducive to learning and supports confidentiality, trust, open communication, self-analysis, feedback, and reflection.
  3. The debrief is facilitated by a person(s) who can devote enough concentrated attention during the simulation to effectively debrief the simulation-based experience.
  4. The debrief is based on a theoretical framework for debriefing that is structured in a purposeful way.
  5. The debrief is congruent with the objectives and outcomes of the simulation-based experience.

Source: INACSL Standards of Best Practice Infographic: Debriefing | Healthy Simulation

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