Can Biomarkers Give Early Heads-Up on Immune Checkpoint Inhibitor Myocarditis?

In the quest to catch myocarditis earlier during immune checkpoint inhibitor (ICI) therapy for cancer, researchers have found a potential role for routinely measured biomarkers.

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Higher Brain Cancer Risk After CT Exam in Childhood

There has been an escalating risk of brain cancer associated with increasing radiation dose to the brain from CT examinations, a cohort study of more than 650,000 children and young adults indicated.

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2021 Westmead Hospital Week

Hospital Week involves a variety of specialty medical symposia across the whole range of medical disciplines that are present here on the largest medical campus in the Southern Hemisphere. A vibrant programme that includes many controversial and stimulating topics held in the “Crush Area” Trade Display with many medical staff and health workers.

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X-ray histotomography offers new insight into diseases

A new three-dimensional (3D) tissue imaging technique can help scientists noninvasively study cells and may lead to improved treatments for a variety of diseases. Matt O'Connor | Advanced Visualization | Health Imaging

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Magnetic metamaterial amplifies MRI for clearer images in less time

Now, engineers at the Boston University Photonics Center have developed a new device, small enough for a patient to wear inside the machine. By Michael Irving, New Atlas

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Exploring the Future of Education through Neuroscience, EdTech and Literacy | Getting Smart

Neuroscience researchers, education technology experts, and literacy experts recently converged at AIM just outside of Philadelphia to discuss the Future of Education. By Justin Aglio, GettingSmart.com

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NSW Health & Medical Research | $6 million to accelerate health research

A selection of New South Wales’ finest researchers will share in almost $6 million to improve Aboriginal and elderly health, and provide more efficient patient care. Since 2016, the NSW Government has funded... NSW Health & Medical Research

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New Committee to Align SHP Research

Sydney Health Partners (SHP) has strengthened its commitment to collaborative translational research by establishing a new committee to advise its Governing Council on the development of research within the partnership. Sydney Health Partners

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Population data experts are forcing a rethink of how we deal with ageing and disease

Every time you use the healthcare system, a new record is made. There are records for when you are admitted to hospital or an emergency department; records documenting your routine health screenings; and records for when you are born and when you die. By Viki Cramer | NSW Health

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NSW Health and Medical Research Hub Strategy

The NSW ten-year strategic plan for health and medical research places a strong emphasis on the potential role of research hubs in promoting collaboration and coordinating the efforts of geographically proximate medical research institutes, local health districts, universities and communityorientated research in Medicare Locals. NSW Office for Health and Medical Research

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