heart disease

Major step forward in fabricating an artificial heart, fit for a human

Heart disease is the leading cause of death in the U.S. Heart disease is so deadly in part because the heart, unlike other organs, cannot repair itself after injury. That is why tissue engineering, ultimately including the wholesale fabrication of an entire human heart for transplant, is so important for the future of cardiac medicine.

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FFR-derived CT tops CCTA for predicting cardiac disease outcomes

Fractional flow reserve derived from CT (FFR-CT) is a superior predictor of long-term outcomes of heart disease compared to traditional coronary CT angiography (CCTA). Matt O'Connor | Cardiovascular Imaging | Health Imaging

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MRI cardiac stress test effective at predicting fatal heart disease

Stress cardiac MRI (CMR) isn’t common in clinical practices, but may hold promise as an alternative to more commonly used cardiovascular techniques for predicting fatal heart disease. | www.healthimaging.com | By Matt O'Connor

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Medicare to fund a new Heart Health Check from April 1

Medicare to fund a new heart health check from April 1

In a major win for millions of Australians, News Corp Australia has secured support from both sides of politics for a crucial step in stopping Australia’s biggest single killer — heart disease. Sue Dunlevy, National Health Reporter, News Corp Australia Network | Daily Telegraph

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