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Chest CTs Reveal Abnormalities 2 Years After Severe COVID

Two years after hospitalisation for severe COVID-19 illness, more than a third of patients from the pandemic’s early days had lingering pulmonary abnormalities on chest CT scans, according to a prospective study from Wuhan, China.

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How Global Shortages Are Delaying Routine CT Scans

Hospitals and medical facilities around the globe are rationing intravenous (IV) contrast imaging procedures. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has reported shortages of two forms of contrast medium fluids known as Iohexol and Iodixanol, both commonly used in CT scans. GE Healthcare, manufacturers of the products, advised that the shortage was due to a lockdown and subsequent temporary shutdown...

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Artificial intelligence for the detection of COVID-19 pneumonia on chest CT using multinational datasets

Source: Chest CT is emerging as a valuable diagnostic tool for clinical management of COVID-19 associated lung disease. Artificial intelligence (AI) has the potential to aid in rapid evaluation of CT scans for differentiation of COVID-19 findings from other clinical entities.

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St Vincents Cardiac CT reach 10,000 scans

Achieving 10,000 cardiac scans!

Congratulations Klaire Garnica, Head of CT at St Vincent’s Hospital, Sydney and her talented team for reaching 10,000 cardiac scans TODAY. A milestone for everyone involved, especially all the patients who have undergone exams on their personal journeys to better health.

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