Omitting RT Safe in Many Locally Advanced Rectal Cancers

Standard pelvic chemoradiotherapy prior to surgery can be safely omitted in select patients with locally advanced rectal cancer whose tumours respond to neoadjuvant chemotherapy, findings from a large cooperative group trial demonstrated.

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Perioperative Chemo Matches Multimodal Tx for Locally Advanced Esophageal/GEJ Cancer

A short course of perioperative chemotherapy for locally advanced esophageal/gastroesophageal junction (GEJ) cancer led to outcomes similar to those achieved with more intensive multimodal therapy, according to a randomised trial reported here.

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How next-gen genomics is solving the mystery of rare cancers

“This is the most exciting time of my professional career,” says Professor David Thomas, “and I’ve been in medicine for 30 years.” By Ken Eastwood, NSW Health & Medical Research

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TAILORx: Many Women with Early-Stage Breast Cancer Can Avoid Chemotherapy

Endocrine therapy (ET) alone was noninferior to ET plus chemotherapy for women with estrogen receptor (ER)−positive, HER2-negative, axillary node−negative, early-stage breast cancer (BC). ASCO Annual Meeting – Tim Donald, ELS

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