Cardiovascular Disease

Blood, Breast Cancer Survivors Stand Out for Heart Risks Over a Decade Later

Certain cancers remained associated with a wide range of incident cardiovascular disease (CVD) more than a decade down the road, according to a study of U.K. Biobank participants.

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COVID-19 infections impact cardiovascular disease

The full impact of COVID-19 infections, even mild and moderate cases, is still being understood. And now, recent research has revealed that the medium and long-term impact of an acute illness may be associated with cardiovascular events.

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High CT CAC scores in athletes do not increase mortality

Men who regularly engage in high levels of physical activity are at an increased risk of having elevated CT coronary artery calcification (CAC) scores. | AuntMinnie.com | By Abraham Kim, staff writer

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New noninvasive imaging modality can better assess CVD risk

A new cardiovascular imaging technique can reveal important information about the plaque characteristics of a patient’s carotid artery in real time. | From www.healthimaging.com | By Matt O'Connor

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