Researchers Use MRI to Show Brain Changes, Differences in Children with ADHD

Multitasking is not just an office skill. It’s key to functioning as a human, and it involves something called cognitive flexibility – the ability to smoothly switch between mental processes. UNC scientists conducted a study to image the neural activity analogues to cognitive flexibility and discover differences in the brain activity of children with ADHD and those without. 

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MRI, novel contrast agent improves measurement of brain’s calcium activity

The technique, which combines MRI with a manganese-based contrast agent, could help researchers better understand how neurons communicate in the brain. | www.healthimaging.com | By Melissa Rohman

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No gadolinium, no problem: Specialists can monitor MS patients with unenhanced MRI

Gadolinium-based contrast agents (GBCAs) are typically administered during follow-up imaging of multiple sclerosis (MS) patients. Michael Walter | Care Delivery | Radiology Business

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MRI adds to evidence of brain changes in astronauts

Diffusion-tensor MR images have revealed brain changes in astronauts based on how long they were in space. | AuntMinnie.com | By Wayne Forrest, staff writer

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