Radiation Oncology Health Program Grant (ROHPG) Update

Radiotherapy is one of the main treatment modalities in cancer management, often used in combination with other treatments, such as surgery or chemotherapy. Approximately 40% of cancer cures are attributed to radiotherapy. It is an internationally accepted standard that around 48.3% of patients with cancer would benefit from radiotherapy at some stage during the course of their illness.

Most recent evidence estimates that approximately 48% of new notifiable cancers in Australia should receive at least one course of radiotherapy.

The demand for radiotherapy treatment services is highly dependent on the number of cancer cases diagnosed, and this demand plays an important role in health resource planning.

The Commonwealth Government provides a contribution to the capital cost of high value linear accelerators (LINACS) used to provide radiation oncology services, taking into account advice from state and territories that applications are appropriate and in accordance with planning for radiotherapy services.

Read the full report here, Revised ROHPG Scheme Administrative Guidelines 1 July 2017 – 2017-18 MYEFO – 19 2

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