Consistent, efficient MRI exams. Adapted to each patient.

MRI that adapts to the patient. No matter who comes next.

Siemens Medical Solutions BioMatrix supports exceptional speed and precision in MRI. It comprises advanced technologies to optimise workflow efficiency, deliver superb image quality for all body types, improve the exam experience for patients and users, and more.

Variability among patients and staff creates challenges in MRI, and often results in inconsistencies that compromise image quality, patient satisfaction, and your bottom line.

Imagine if your scanner could anticipate challenges and adapt to deliver the high-quality images you need to accurately diagnose each patient.

It’s possible with our all-new BioMatrix scanners: MAGNETOM Vida 3T and MAGNETOM Sola 1.5T*.

BioMatrix technology eliminates variability in MRI, enabling you to deliver precise, consistent exams for every patient, every time.

Learn how BioMatrix can help you accurately diagnose and treat your patients—no matter who comes through the door.

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