Patient experience

Music and art as a medicine

“I’m sure the combination of art and music will change the patient experience significantly.” Professor Hans Jeekel, Erasmus Medical Center With the Rijksmuseum, the Academic Medical Center, the Erasmus Medical Center and the Rotterdam Philharmonic Orchestra we found another way to make the MRI patient experience more relaxing.

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Using the power of art and music to improve MRI experiences

During his lifetime, Peter has undergone multiple MRI scans: watch how Peter’s experience significantly improved when he tested the new Dutch Masters theme in an MRI room with Ambient Experience. Learn more about improving MRI experiences.

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Healthcare Simulation Program Management Mind Map Provides Key Needs Breakdown

The core of all successful Simulation Programs is effective leadership and management practices to lead, manage, and sustain change within organisations and the complex adaptive systems contained therein. At the heart of programs are the key drivers that unite all Healthcare Simulation Programs: quality patient and family-centered health care and improved patient safety and healthcare...

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Singapore tops for medical tourism, but rivals catching up quickly

Health News -Singapore may still be among the region's top dogs when it comes to medical tourism, but its neighbours, like Australia are swiftly closing the gap. Health News & Top Stories - The Straits Times

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