Aihua International Travel AIT

Global & Asia-Pacific Travel Specialists

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AIT is a fully licensed Sydney-based travel agency established in 1994, specialising in Australian, China, the Asia-pacific and around-the-world. AIT have two local branches along with an office in Guangzhou, China.

Medical Travel Companions

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GCG Global Healthcare has partnered with Medical Travel Companions to offer a premium service that creates independence for customers who love to travel.
Sim Lab Training CPR

Medical Simulation Training

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Medical Simulation is a fully immersive methodology for training health care professionals. Simulation provides a safe environment where trainees can learn without risk of harming the patient. This enables exposure to gradually more complex clinical challenges as well as exposure to rare emergency situations.

Taking part in a clinical trial

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All clinical trials are different and can address many things. Whether a person is suitable for a trial will depend on what question the trial is trying to answer. Clinical trials specify criteria for participation, this may include: your type and stage of cancer your age how well you are whether you have any other health problems […]

CTCA Frequently Asked Questions

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Conjoint Committee for the Recognition of Training in CT Coronary Angiography (CTCA). Its aim is to promote a collaborative and consistent model of CTCA training and service delivery in Australia and New Zealand.

Australian Private Medical Specialists

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Aushealthpages is an Australian wide site profiling private medical specialists, hospitals and surgical centres. Aushealthpages helps you find urgent help now – you can see when specialists have urgent appointments available.

Australia is the best healthcare destination