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Accreditation Standards for Linked Sites (Clinical Radiology Training)
College Accreditation


The aim of accreditation is to ensure that a minimum acceptable standard of facilities (staff, equipment, diversity of clinical material and tuition) is available to provide successful training in Clinical Radiology.
There are three types of accreditation available to sites seeking to provide Clinical Radiology training:

  • Full Accreditation – A site that is able to provide the full five-year training program, either internally or via a combination of internal & external rotations
  • Specialty Accreditation – A site that provides training in a particular sub-specialty/ies and receives trainees on rotation from multiple sites, e.g: Paediatric hospitals. Specialty sites are subject to the full accreditation standards, with the exception of criteria pertaining tocoverage of the five-year Curriculum.
  • Linked Accreditation – A site where specific training is undertaken for certain periods. This will always be in association with a Full site. The Full site is responsible for monitoring the rotation so as to be aware of whether it is beneficial to their trainees.

Sites holding Linked accreditation can be classified into three groups:

  • Independent – Site is administered separately to Full site and has a separate Director of Training and workload to Full site. Rotations are normally in blocks of 3 months but may vary from 1 month to 3 years.
  • Short-Term – Site is administered separately to Full site and rotations are rostered on a daily/weekly basis. May, or may not have a separate Director of Training.
  • Satellite – Full site and Linked site departments are administered as a single department/group over multiple campuses with a shared Director/s of Training.

The minimum threshold for accreditation – Site-specific accreditation is required where the time that any individual trainee spends at that site:

a) Is a block of one month or more in duration and/or
b) Constitutes at least 20% of that trainee’s total training time over five years (full-time)

Sites, where training time falls below this threshold, are considered to be included under the accreditation of the trainees’ Full or “home” site and will be assessed as part of the Full/home site’s normal accreditation reviews. NB: the total time a trainee spends at unaccredited sites must always add up to less than a month on any one rotation.

Royal Australian & New Zealand College of Radiologists